Blog Top Ways Employee Experience Impacts Customer Experience
April 27, 2020
Forward leading organizations have begun to understand that a thoughtful, deliberate focus on delivering a positive employee experience…
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Blog How to Reduce Hold Time in a Call Center Through the COVID-19 Crisis
April 20, 2020
No one likes to wait, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to hold time…
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Blog What is Employee Experience and Why It’s Critical
April 13, 2020
For decades, the definition of an ideal employee experience (EX) was the promise of great health and pension…
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Blog Coronavirus Prompting Companies to Adopt AI in Customer Experience
April 6, 2020
Not so long ago, it was predicted that by 2025, as many as 95% of all customer interactions would…
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Blog How Knowledge Management Plays a Life-Saving Role in the Coronavirus Epidemic
March 15, 2020
Knowledge management technologies deliver accurate, real-time information and prevent future infections in this healthcare crisis
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Blog 3 Ways to Get the Most from KMS Lighthouse Integration with Salesforce
March 9, 2020
Knowledge management (KM) software for call centers can maximize agent productivity, help customers help themselves, and streamline your…
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Blog How to Choose Knowledge Management Integrations for Salesforce
February 26, 2020
The benefits of software synergy are well-documented. Knowledge management integrations for Salesforce use APIs to interpret messages systems…
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Blog 3 HR Knowledge-Base Best Practices
February 10, 2020
Both HR and internal knowledge bases provide answers to employee questions via a 24/7 portal, but they may…
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Blog Top 10 Customer Experience Blogs To Look Out For in 2020
February 3, 2020
Customer experience (CX) is rewriting business rules. The people covering this phenomenon are writing up-to-the-minute content that everyone…
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