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September 14, 2022
Join us for a live webinar where Forrester will break down a study, they conducted on one of…
August 22, 2022
Blog Knowledge Base in Artificial Intelligence
August 6, 2022
The average customer service call lasts six minutes. Four and a half of those minutes, or 75% percent…
Blog How to Implement a Company-Wide Knowledge Management System
July 17, 2022
A well-designed and fully implemented knowledge management system (KMS) that’s available to everyone involved with services lifecycles (which…
Blog Information Management vs Knowledge Management
July 2, 2022
To fully understand the differences between information management (IM) and knowledge management (KM), it’s important to understand the…
June 26, 2022
Ask a customer how long on hold is too long, and they’ll likely say they don’t want to…
Blog Reduce Average Handle Time in a Contact Center
June 20, 2022
Exceptional contact center performance is measured by how responsive your agents are and how quickly they’re able to…
Blog Reduce Your Average Call Time Fast
June 12, 2022
Average handle time (AHT), is one of the top call center metrics for measuring efficiency. How does your…
June 2, 2022
Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By KMS Lighthouse
June 2, 2022
Do your customer support processes use up huge amounts of resources? If so, you’re not alone. According to…
Blog telecom industry
May 26, 2022
Knowledge management in the telecommunications industry helps companies in this highly competitive sphere leverage their organizational knowledge to…
Blog Managed Knowledge Asset
May 18, 2022
Unlike most other business assets, knowledge is intangible and relies on human cognition, memory, and experience. Defining or…
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