Extend Knowledge Management to Zendesk

Through the KMS Lighthouse Zendesk integration, the KMS Lighthouse knowledge platform opens up directly from inside the Zendesk apps. It’s convenient ‒ You never have to leave Zendesk or switch browser tabs using Single Sign-on (SSO), and therefore no login needed.

Users have the ability to search and find correct customers to challenging or repetitive questions the first time, every time, so it reduces Average Handle Time and improves First Call Resolution.

Lighthouse for Zendesk Support

The cutting-edge technology developed by KMS Lighthouse in this app, Lighthouse for Zendesk Support, makes knowledge available for use in Zendesk’s ticket, user, and organization pages, plus the left navigation bar. Automatically generate natural language searches from the text in the subject bar for essential queries. Speedy knowledge accessibility means better customer service, IT and sales support. The ease of technology makes agents’ work experience satisfying.

Lighthouse for Zendesk Chat

The KMS Lighthouse app, Lighthouse for Zendesk Chat, enables access to precise answers, through the chat box appearing on the right-hand size of Zendesk. It’s easy to resolve tickets with fast, instant solutions. Using GetAnswer AI-powered technology, just type in your question, and Lighthouse has the exact answer to share with your customers via Zendesk Chat. Voila – another satisfied customer!

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