Deliver IT support faster

Tech support teams quickly and effortlessly handle volumes of calls and tickets with step-by-step decision trees managed in the Lighthouse AI-based knowledge management system. By deploying Lighthouse’s intuitive, natural language-enabled search, your IT support team saves time on finding answers to inquiries or solutions to resolve tickets. When opening a ticket, the Lighthouse search engine provides the exact answer. IT support technicians can share knowledge directly with the customer from the knowledge base – structured information including step-by-step guided instructions and pictures. Customers and agents experience a solution-oriented conversation with a quick and successful resolution.

Shorten training times by 50% with IT support knowledge management. New employees can immediately begin serving customers using Lighthouse for technical support knowledge management, getting up to speed the moment they begin working with information at their fingertips.

Improve tech support productivity

Lighthouse answers the basic how-to’s for Tier 1 inquiries, makes rare cases available, and offers detailed information for complex tasks. Lighthouse capabilities enable IT to allocate its time to more challenging tasks and enhance your support team’s overall performance. Tech support teams can achieve fast improvements to meet the changing needs of customers by reviewing the top searches and content usage in their Lighthouse reporting dashboard. Then the dedicated content manager can add up-to-date, content to support where needed. With Lighthouse, your company manages information and makes it available enterprise-wide – not just in one expert’s head.

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