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KMS Lighthouse & Forrester Summit How to Support Hybrid Work with Enterprise Knowledge Management

Webinar   |  November 11, 2021  |  11:00 am EST
The future success of customer service organizations rests on their ability to continuously anticipate." Never has this statement been truer than today. The pandemic forced contact centers to accelerate their digitization, automation, and AI strategies to react to ballooning interaction volumes. These technologies automated repetitive agent tasks, and empowered agents to handle complex interactions that required empathy, and to deliver better experiences. These technologies also enabled agents to onboard faster and perform at their best every day under stressful work-at-home conditions — and have armed supervisors with insights to best manage their workforces. As the world reopens, contact centers must adjust to new ways of working, talent sourcing and management. This keynote will explore the role of knowledge management in building resilient and sustainable customer service organizations.
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