Video Erez Kreda, CTO, KMS Lighthouse
September 6, 2020
Erez discusses the power of AI in knowledge management and dives into NLP and NLU. He deep dives…
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Video Clal Insurance: A KMS Lighthouse Customer Success Story
August 5, 2020
In this interview, Liat Straus, Deputy CEO at Clal Insurance discusses how KMS Lighthouse helps Israel’s largest insurance…
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Video Enosh: A KMS Lighthouse Success Story
August 4, 2020
In this interview, Hilla Hadas, Executive Director of Enosh shares how the non-profit organization is using KMS Lighthouse…
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Video BGL Group: A KMS Lighthouse Success Story
July 29, 2020
KMS Lighthouse presents a next-generation knowledge management solution for insurance organizations. In this video, KMS Lighthouse customer BGL…
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Video GE Healthcare: A KMS Lighthouse Success Story
July 17, 2020
In this video, KMS Lighthouse customer GE Healthcare shares their KMS Lighthouse success story.
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Video KMS Lighthouse Explainer Video Gallery
July 13, 2020
Here you can find our explainer videos. See Lighthouse in action across a variety of use cases and…
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Video KMS Lighthouse for Financial Institutions
June 29, 2020
Poor customer experience costs financial institutions $10 billion per year. One in three financial institutions have lost customers…
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Video Presentation from the Economist Travel and Tourism Leadership Summit with KMS Lighthouse
June 16, 2020
Doron Gower, KMS Lighthouse's Chief Solution Architect, had the pleasure of speaking at The Economist Travel and Tourism…
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Video All your KMS Lighthouse knowledge on Salesforce CRM
June 11, 2020
With Salesforce at the forefront of the CRM world, a powerful knowledge management partner is essential. When we…
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