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Blog Employee Onboarding Time
May 12, 2022
The longer it takes for a company to onboard an employee, the more expensive the process becomes. Studies…
Blog call resolution
May 12, 2022
For most contact centers, the past few years have required swift operational pivots, especially when it comes to…
Blog Integrate Knowledge Management With Your Business Processes
May 5, 2022
In a knowledge-based world, how your organization handles information can make all the difference in overall performance. Integrating…
Use Case Cut Onboarding Times
April 6, 2022
Time is money in every industry today. Recruiting and onboarding top talent requires an onboarding process that’s easy…
Blog smart knowledge base
April 5, 2022
Your knowledge base has tremendous power to improve user experience. It offers enhanced solutions for employee collaboration, customer…
Blog Knowledge Management System Efficiency Measurement
April 3, 2022
A successful knowledge management strategy contributes to achieving your objectives while enhancing operational performance and customer satisfaction.
Blog Knowledge Management In the Banking Sector
March 18, 2022
Despite frequent musings on their imminent demise, banks and their services are essential to global economies. It’s true…
March 13, 2022
Aligning your team and putting everyone on the same page is key for a good customer experience.
Blog employee experience
February 24, 2022
What do employees really want from their work experience? It seems some organizations still aren’t sure. When it…
February 23, 2022
Founded in 1988, Cebu Pacific is Asia’s oldest low-cost airline. It has more than six thousand employees and…
February 23, 2022
For the last five years, Phil Dale, Head of Commercial & Contract Management at Marks and Spencer, has…
Blog Healthcare Call Center Best Practices
February 14, 2022
There’s been a significant shift in call center management and practices over the past couple of years—and nowhere…
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