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Blog Customer Service Automation Guide: The Ultimate Guide
July 11, 2021
People often equate customer service automation with words like impersonal and detached. Nothing could be further from the…
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Blog Knowledge Base In AI: What is it and why do you need one?
June 30, 2021
Real-world knowledge plays a vital role in human intelligence. So, too, does a knowledge base in AI. How…
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Video Assaf Tiran, VP Global Customer Service, ZIM
June 23, 2021
ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd is one of the leading carriers in the global container shipping industry. In…
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Blog 7 Benefits of Enterprise Knowledge Management
June 22, 2021
Science tells us the brain has an essentially unlimited storage capacity for learning.  But, unfortunately, there’s much information…
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Blog Document AI & Why You Need It
June 14, 2021
Knowledge management is all about making essential information available to the people who need it. Document AI is…
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Blog Knowledge Management Portal: Best Tool for Knowledge Management
June 7, 2021
A knowledge management portal is simply a web-based program that acts as a single point of access for…
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Blog Automated Customer Service Examples in Action
June 1, 2021
Although 100 percent automated customer service is likely a long way off, existing customer service automation solutions are…
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Video 20 Minute Leaders Presents Sagi Eliyahu
May 27, 2021
In this episode of 20 Minute Leaders, Sagi Eliyahu, CEO KMS Lighthouse sits down for a one on…
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Blog How AI is Changing the Game For Customer Service Agents
May 16, 2021
Most of the talk about AI-powered customer service focuses on how it improves the customer experience. It also…
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Blog Benefits Of AI Powered Customer Service Strategy
May 3, 2021
Customer-facing or B2B, organizations want to deliver exceptional experiences that not only leave their customers feeling valued but…
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eBook A Benchmark Guide for Call Center Automation in 2021 and Beyond
April 29, 2021
Whether it comes from a virtual agent, a live agent, or some combination of the two, automation dramatically…
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Blog The Impact of Knowledge Management for Self Service in Customer Service
April 28, 2021
Self-service has become the first choice of most consumers. Studies show that nearly 90% of customers expect a…
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