Empower employees with all the answers

Organize your knowledge management service portal so any member of your enterprise from any department can access accurate, up-to-date information. Quickly find answers by topic, business category, or service action. With everything the company needs in one place, offer consistently high-quality content across the KMS portal that any member can find and share. Manage high quality content through easy-to-use administrative functions no matter how many people you have on staff. Receive actionable feedback to continue to provide the highest level of consistent knowledge across your business.

Boost company productivity

Centralize and structure knowledge and support all internal departments enterprise-wide, facilitating critical functions such as the distribution of compliance and HR forms, operation procedures, product information, sales materials and presentations, training and how-to guides. A company’s business information need not reside inside the heads of a handful of experts when Lighthouse is around. Harness the proven success of your company’s expertise throughout the longevity of the business by capturing years’ of knowledge in one place.

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