Plug easily into your existing systems

Quickly, easily drop the knowledge base via a widget inside one of your existing third-party applications, and locate the knowledge you need when you need it. Modernize and upgrade your customer experiences. Satisfy both employees and customers with a complete modernization of your customer engagement experiences, made possible through open integration with ticketing, chat, CRM, and other applications (such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshworks, Cisco, LivePerson and many, many others).

Increase customer stickiness

Improve every interaction on your existing applications with useful content. Integrate the AskDon’t Search widget with your existing software and deploy GetAnswer technology to ask and receive speedy answers. Expedite call resolutions. Once agents or employees have Salesforce open, they can click through a widget to open Lighthouse knowledge source for product specifications or other information. Customers will appreciate your capability to provide info the moment they ask for it. Streamlined software systems give the customer a more complete experience and create customer stickiness.

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