Achieve consistent messaging across branches

The Lighthouse knowledge management system spans channels and locations, helping branch staff to communicate and sell consistently better. Lighthouse offers comparison tools that provide customers the best matching products or rates and access to up-to-date information and procedures at their fingertips. The knowledge capabilities encourage branch workers to operate with higher independence at the branch level and to save time previously spent mid-interaction asking the boss. No matter where a prospect is, branch representatives need to find the right answers quickly and independently to make a sale or respond to customer inquiries.

Step up customer service

Corporate management ensures the best service from representatives (bankers, retail associates) with Lighthouse knowledge base to feed consistent, precise answers to every location, available to all employees. Provide knowledge to maximize service and sales opportunities across phone, branch, or web. Empower branches with FAQ’s and automate responses through useful Lighthouse features. Branch team members can find all the answers in Lighthouse to improve every interaction.

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