VTB Bank chose Lighthouse for the largest knowledge management project in Russia named “Business Wikipedia”

By Monica Kohn   |   December 13, 2018
VTB Bank has completed the implementation of the Business Wikipedia knowledge management system, the name they chose to define the Lighthouse platform, for all retail outlets and contact centers of the bank. Based on the new platform, data on all banking products, branches and services were combined and synchronized. Now a bank employee needs less than 3 seconds to find the necessary information.

The system began to use 2000 call center operators and 30,000 retail business employees. The implementation was carried out by DIS Group, which represents KMS Lighthouse in Russia. The project has become the world’s largest implementation of the KMS Lighthouse knowledge management system.

In addition, Business Wikipedia was integrated with external systems for additional functionality. The integration with the Yandex Maps service allows authorized bank employees to see the location of any branch. Integration with the queue management system allows you to see the current workload of their branches. They also integrated with their Mail Exchange Server and SMS Gateway in order to send information via Lighthouse.

The he next stage of the project will be the expansion of the use of Lighthouse to other departments of the bank. In the future, “Business Wikipedia” should become the target information system for all VTB divisions responsible for working with clients. Another potential use of the system is to provide information to online channels, for example, to a website or a chat bot.

“Business Wikipedia has become an integral part of the work of all employees of the contact center. Already, we see that this is a very effective tool that helps employees serve customers faster and more efficiently. According to our estimates, the system will fully pay for itself in 14 months.” says Olga Tsegelnaya, head of customer service at VTB.

Translation from article originally posted on CNews: http://www.cnews.ru/news/line/2018-12-13_vtb_vnedril_krupnejshuyu_v_rossii_biznesvikipediyu

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