Zim chose KMS Lighthouse to enable their global employees to retrieve information intuitively, quickly and accurately.

20 countries
Implemented across 5 continents
lines of services

ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd was established in 1945. It has developed into one of the largest, leading carriers in the global container shipping industry, providing our clients around the world with reliable, flexible shipping solutions based on expertise gained from over half a century of experience. ZIM has more than 170 offices and representatives in over 100 countries throughout the world.


ZIM chose KMS Lighthouse in order to provide their Customer Service Representatives world-wide the ability to retrieve information intuitively, quickly and accurately.
As part of ZIM's service center revolution and the desire to lead in the field of service in the global shipping market, KMS Lighthouse successfully provided a full-scale digital approach of knowledge management for information accumulated over more than 30 years, with strict regulations, and segmented the knowledge according to regions and roles.


Lighthouse has been implemented harnessing the full authorization mechanism, enabling customer service representatives from all over the world to access accurate, consistent and relevant knowledge items.
Lighthouse’s patent pending GetAnswer technology is used to assist the representatives to find instant answers to their questions.

ZIM Integrated Shipping Ltd is one of the largest leading carriers in the global container shipping industry, with more than 170 offices spread across the world.

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HeadquartersHaifa, Israel

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