QA Automation Lead

R&D | Russia (Saint Petersburg/Irkutsk/Astrakhan)

Duties and Responsibilities

Design and Execute tests - QA automation engineers design automated tests to validate applications by creating scripts that run testing functions automatically. This includes determining priority for test scenarios and creating execution plans to implement these scenarios
Identify and Report Bugs - QA automation engineers analyze bug reports and highlight problems to help identify fixes for them. They deliver regular reports identifying these bugs to other members of the engineering team.
Install Databases and Apps - QA automation engineers install and set up databases and backup applications to prevent errors and protect against data loss.
Identify Quality Issues - QA automation engineers analyze systems to identify potential quality issues that could affect apps.
Collaborate - QA automation engineers collaborate with other members of the engineering team to find the best methods for solving problems in apps and systems.
Managing a team of 3 automation engineers

Skills and Qualifications

Programming – QA automation engineers use programming skills to write computer code and scripts in common computer languages, such as Kotlin and Java
Analytical skills – QA automation engineers analytically examine bug reports, prioritize necessary tests, and streamline application functions through automated testing processes
Problem-solving skills – QA automation engineers use their problem-solving skills to find bugs and create fixes for them
Attention to detail – because QA automation engineers test web and mobile applications to find ways to improve them and isolate problems, these professionals are highly detail oriented
Managing a team of 3 automation engineers


2+ years of experience in Java or Kotlin
Ability and motivation to manage a team of 3 as well as working hands on
Manual QA experience at least 1-2 years
Experience in selenium
English written and speaking
Able to work in a distributed team.
Experience with Linux.
Experience with SQL

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