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Blog What Does a Web-Based Knowledge Management Software Do?
September 23, 2019
There are enormous benefits to adopting web-based knowledge management software (KMS) for your organization. From improving user experience…
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eBook The Way to Sell Smarter and Serve Better eBook
September 12, 2019
Superior customer service leads to greater growth in revenue. However, what is superior service in today’s marketplace?
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Webinar How to Ensure That Your Customers Get the Answers They Need Webinar
September 12, 2019
Watch the webinar and learn about the key challenge customer service centers are facing today
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Blog The Must Read Pros of a Cloud-Based Knowledge Software
July 31, 2019
Software as a Service (SaaS) is increasing in popularity and of greater importance than ever before. If you…
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Video Sagi Eliyahu, CEO of KMS lighthouse Interviewed by ILTV Channel
June 2, 2019
Sagi Eliyahu, CEO of KMS lighthouse was invited to be interviewed on ILTV Everything Israel LTD
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Blog eCommerce Knowledge Management Key Insights
November 21, 2018
Knowledge management for e-commerce is bringing an array of solutions such as inventory management, efficient ordering, and integration…
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Blog 3 Best Practices for Knowledge Management
October 25, 2018
Your company will derive an array of benefits from implementing a knowledge management system. It can help increase…
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Video Lighthouse’s Native Integration to Zendesk
October 18, 2018
KMS lighthouse, a leading provider of knowledge management software for contact centers, introduces its ability of easy integration…
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Blog 5 Must Have Usability Factors of Knowledge Base Software
August 1, 2018
Understanding knowledge base software usability begins with defining the ease of use. ISO 9241 established these standards for…
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